We do all types of auctions, primarily in Oregon, Washington and California, but nearly anywhere is possible. We do Benefit Auctions, Fundraisers and Auto Auctions, Restaurants, Commercial and Industrial Equipment Auctions, Bankruptcy, Farm and Estate Auctions.   In short, we can do any type of auction, nearly anywhere you can conceive.

Thanks for taking a few moments to check us out.   My name is Paul Thompson, and I have been in love with the auction industry for a large part of my life.   I am hopeful that after reviewing my website, you will give me the chance to be your Professional Auctioneer.

About Me 
In pursuit of becoming an auctioneer, I attended the Missouri Auction School where I was taught by some of the world’s best auctioneers. Upon graduation in 1998, I was lucky enough to have a “weekly gig” selling automobiles at auction. That soon led to requests from non-profit and other organizations asking for my help in achieving their financial goals by providing them with a superior live auction experience.

Now with over 19 years of experience in the calling of several thousand live auctions, I can proudly say I have enjoyed helping families, businesses, churches, schools and other organizations.

I am here to serve YOU! If you are considering an auction, big or small, and you want it done right, give me a call or contact me through this website.

Why Choose Us 
Paul Thompson Auctions has the integrity you are looking for.   As the owner, I can promise you that I will be personally involved with all aspects of the work to be performed for you as my client.   My name and reputation are of the utmost importance to me, so be assured you will receive top quality service from me and my team.

The auction industry is my passion. Every single auction is a new opportunity for me to achieve a higher level of satisfaction for my clients. The high level of energy and excitement we bring to our live auctions has built long lasting relationships with both clients and buyers.

I am not your ordinary auctioneer. I will do my best to get the best price possible from every one of your sales items. I achieve this on a regular basis by interacting with buyers using a positive attitude and humor.

You have not seen a good, clean and fun auction until you’ve attended a Paul Thompson Auction.